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Patios are one of the most important outdoor living spaces for your home. However, before you start to invest your money in fire pits, water features, and furniture, you have to install the floor tiling first.

If you have no idea what you are seeking, selecting the right type of outdoor tiling can be quite a daunting process. In that scenario, it’s always an option to find a professional outdoor tiler, such as RJ tiling Brisbane.

Keep on reading to learn everything about outdoor tiling and some of the potential benefits of hiring professional outdoor tilers in Brisbane!

Outdoor Tiles Brisbane

Let’s start with the most basic question, what types of outdoor tiles should you use for your home?

Well, when it comes to outdoor tiles, you have several options, including:

Concrete Tiles

If you have a limited budget, concrete tiles are an excellent pick for you. Manufacturers color the concrete and mold it into the right texture to attain a natural look.

Concrete tiles are durable and strong. They can withstand heavy foot traffic as well as harsh weather. However, you’ll have to reseal them every few years.

Slate Tiles

Slate is a stone formed under great pressure and heat, making it remarkably durable. This natural stone is available in different shades, including orange, black, purple, grey, and even green.

Natural textures of slate make it slip-resistant without you having to do anything extra. If you want to give your outdoor area a high-end look, slate tiles are an excellent pick.

Travertine Tiles

Next, we have travertine tiles. This one is also a natural stone that offers colored tiles and beautiful textures. This stone is incredibly hard and features a pitted surface that gathers dirt over time.

However, you can solve the dirt problem by polishing the surface to make it smooth – making it a perfect kitchen tiling as well as stone for outdoor areas.

Quarry Tiling

Quarry tiles are an excellent option for outdoor spaces in warm climates. These tiles are water-resistant, meaning they can withstand rain and won’t become slippery.

However, quarry tiles are not ideal for harsh winters. These tiles don’t hold up well to ice and freezing. Plus, besides water, other liquids can lead to stains.

Ceramic Tiling

If you prefer quality over durability, ceramic tiles are for you. These tiles can handle light outdoor use and mild weather conditions, making them perfect for covered patios.

It’s noteworthy to mention that not all ceramic tiles are the same. Some are better than others. So, don’t forget to do a little research before making a purchase.

Porcelain Tiling

Last but not least, we have porcelain tiles. This stone is strong and dense, which makes it a perfect choice for any outdoor tiling project.

Remember, porcelain tiles are available for both outdoor and indoor uses. Indoor porcelain tiles feature a glossy surface and cannot handle wet areas. Alternatively, outdoor ones have a special texture to withstand harsh weather.

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Hiring a Professional Outdoor Tiling Service - Potential Benefits

If you are about to change your outdoor floor tiling on your own, we advise you to reconsider. Whether outdoors (pathways, pool areas, patios, etc.) or indoors (bathroom, kitchen, floor, etc.), a tiling project requires a lot of hard words and precision.

Tiling needs quality workmanship and attention to detail. Therefore, we suggest hiring a professional Brisbane tiler that guarantees a fantastic job.

When it comes to the best Brisbane tiler, no other tiling services can beat the RJ Tiling. We offer multiple services, including floor tiling, wall tiling, bathroom tiling, patio tiling, paving installation, kitchen tiling services and many more. Furthermore, you can contact us to get a free quote and consultation!

Here are some of the main reasons why you should stick with a professional Brisbane tiler to change old tiles or renovate your outdoor floor.

Proper Equipment

First of all, a professional tiling service comes with a huge range of specialty equipment to create stunning results. This equipment is essential for cutting ceramic tiles and stones to reduce excessive waste and create attractive cuts.

Correct Tile Choice

Not all tiles are the same. Different tiles are designed for different purposes. For instance, not all stones are non-slip and wet-resistant. So, you cannot use those products for bathrooms and kitchen wall and floor.

Furthermore, the quality and cost of stones also matter – especially for outdoor areas. Outdoor tiles should be strong, durable, commercial-grade that can last all year round.

Depending on your budget and styles, a professional tiler can help you pick the perfect tiles and stones, such as mosaic, ceramic, travertine, and more.

Expertise and Experience

The most significant benefit of hiring a professional Brisbane tiler is that you can rest assured you’ll be getting the best services possible.

The staff at RJ tiling can handle all types of tiling projects. Whether you want to replace cracked tiles or start bathroom renovations, our fully-licensed team of experts can offer all types of tiling solutions!

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